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Divorced, then rebuffed by his daughter, Gus is living out his penance as a recluse in the cabin he built for himself out in the woods.

In order to make ends meet and cull a small salary that he sends anonymously to his daughter, Gus has set up shop in the back of a local hardware store where he meets with his patients. Some have more than their share of issues and even have posed threats to the locals and to Gus. But he takes it all in stride until one of his clients turns up dead and his ca

Eleanor and Harry: a short story, award-winner

I’d like to believe that I’m more than a friend and not just a caregiver but perhaps a bit more. This is what I strive for each day while I visit my clients. They have the unerring ability to give me so very much, if only I could somehow return the favor.

The television was left on but it was a futile effort in providing a distraction. Eleanor has a cataract in one eye and the bright light most likely disturbs her. Maybe it’s the sound of voices nearby that keeps her company. She doesn’t say mu

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Memory Man: The Amos Decker Series Book Review: Six foot five, grisly beard, unkempt grating hair, overweight and sometimes homeless, forty-two-year old Amos Decker is not your typical Private Investigator. The brutal slaying of his family three years ago caused him to walk away from his job as a police detective and took away his will to live any semblance of a normal life. Now, Amos stumbles through the days working enough odd jobs to barely sustain him and stay under the radar. That was until a man walks into the police department and conf