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Weaving a Psychological Safety Net – INSIGHT | Action Learning Group

A key element of emotional intelligence in Leadership is the ability to create a work environment that allows people to focus on their work… as opposed to protecting themselves. This means building a culture that fosters engagement and commitment as opposed to resentment and mere compliance.

Harvard Business School Professor Amy Edmondson would call this a “Culture of Psychological Safety – An inclusive climate in which people are comfortable being themselves… where the work environment is safe

Five Ways to Become an Agile Learner – INSIGHT | Action Learning Group

Five Ways to Become an Agile Learner

“Learning Agility is about knowing how to learn — knowing what to do when you don’t know what to do. It’s about learning from experience and applying it in new ways, adapting to new circumstances and opportunities.” – Center for Creative

Today, learning happens at a lightning pace. Thanks to technology, scientific advancement, and evolution, humans are able to absorb, process, and apply information at an outstanding rate. While this transformation can posit

Own The Boardroom

At first glance, this might sound like I’m suggesting you dominate the space when meeting with peers, colleagues, teams, and board members. Not so. Rather, I’m suggesting owning your space. When it comes to your meeting presence, you need to own your confidence, clarity, and communication.

Confidence isn’t arrogance. It’s bearing. It’s certainty of your abilities and sharing how these gifts will benefit others. When you walk into the boardroom, or any meeting as a leader, you should have one go

7 Tips on How to Plan Your Career Growth and Development

Welcome to one of the biggest career-changing climates in the history of employment. With the “Great Resignation” and the intensive search for the elusive qualified candidate, change is everywhere.

But knowing opportunities abound doesn’t mean you’ve got your next career change in the bag. Employers are hungry, not desperate. That’s why career growth and development are fundamental to your success.

You need to prove that whether your career change comes from an employment gap (your choice or o

6 Questions to Consider Before Hiring an Executive Coach

Coaching is defined as a supportive and productive process that helps you achieve your most important career goals. Imagine having someone to partner with who is equally vested in helping you succeed in all that you do. But before you go out and hire the next coach that sends their “promises” to your inbox, consider the following six questions:
• Why Should I Hire a Coach? Change is never easy. Clarity, motivation, and accountability are

Are You Buying Into These 4 Employee Engagement Myths?

“Employee engagement is overrated.”

This is one of the myths tied to the seemingly elusive connection between a happy workforce and a profitable organization. Many leaders don’t see engagement as a business priority, while others simply take it for granted. While the topic may occasionally surface during learning and development (L&D) and C-level meetings, typically little is done to measure and build employee engagement.

In fact, with the challenges employers are facing today, it might even be the last thing on leaders’ minds. W

Offer-Generating Questions to Ask During the Interview

Offer-Generating Questions to Ask During the Interview

Even the most seasoned professionals struggle when asked, “What questions do you have for us?” in an interview.

Asking the interview panel questions that sounds intelligent, but not too self-serving, but still make a good impression are key. Even though it’s your job to “wow” them from the moment you pull in the parking lot until that final thank you note is received, you need to be “wowed” too.

That’s way it’s important to plan in your q

4 Ways to Be a Strengths Super Girl!

If you’re ready to claim your innate superpowers then toss on your cape and soar with your strengths. We all have them. So why not own them? After all, strengths are the first step in propelling you toward career and life success.

Divine, girl! Strengths, in short, are character-based talents that drive your personality and productivity, and each are unique in how you harness and use them toward your successful endeavors. By identifying your strengths, you divine the sources of your energy. And

Is Agism Infecting Your Workplace Culture?

It just might be.

I learned that hard lesson when a colleague said that “I was too old to be working at a tech company.” Hmmm. Insult aside, I was surprised that this kind of attitude still reigns. Especially with the heightened awareness of protected classes and broadening definition of discrimination. But my curiosity got the best of me and sure enough, when you clicked on the company’s website, all the pictures from the recruiting page to the organizational chart and candid company pictures

How to Manage a Team Effectively as a New Manager

Whether you are new as a manager or entering a new role and inheriting a team, you want to strategize your plan for success. Learning how to manage a team effectively as a new manager isn’t about jumping in and hoping you get the same luck as before. This is a new group of people with new expectations and work styles. Therefore, you’ll need to adapt to flourish as a new manager. This isn’t difficult if you’re willing to do a little pre-planning before your first day.

How To Make Mentoring Work For You

Developing a relationship with a mentor, and becoming a mentor, is a must for successful professional development and career happiness. A mentor provides you with an avenue of learning scripted specifically in answer to professional development needs. Not only will your mentor offer positive guidance for your career, but they’ll provide a safe haven for objectifying concerns and challenges. They’re also great resources for career enhancing connections and collaborations, championing of your prog

Communication is Key for Therapy Industry Interview Success

Interview success in the therapy field requires the demonstration of a most important industry skill – communication. Whether your expertise lies in child psychology or behavioral therapy, possessing the natural ability to communicate with clients, team members, and the community, is imperative for both career and interview success. While there are foundational credentials required to excel in this industry, therapists understand that communication is the primary vehicle for establishing trust a

The Gratitude Impact: How a simple “thank you” can change everything.

A simple "Thank You" can go a long way in making someone's day. It can also do a lot for your career and your personal well-being. Taking the time to appreciate one's efforts on your behalf requires no more than a genuine "thanks" but will solidify an authentic and mutually beneficial working relationships. It also has positive impacts on your health and wellness. It changes the way your brain manages stress and even offers an emotional high that can last much longer than a cup of coffee.


10 Things To Do When You're Angry At Yourself (For Your Mistakes)

When you make a mistake, you quickly forget all the wins and praise lauded on you over the years. Make one measly mistake and it’s all you can think about. And, unfortunately, you may carry it with you for a lifetime. This is normal, but not healthy.

Mistakes happen, and the wise know that that’s how you learn. Stumble and fall, and get up again—it’s the cycle of human development from toddlerhood. Still, when you make mistakes, this experiential wisdom can fly out the door. Your first reaction

Take Charge of Your Career

5 Easy Steps to Get a Stalled Career Moving Again

We all have commitments: life, family and work typically take center stage for busy professional women. But as they do, career goals may get put on the back burner — or even forgotten about all together. The next thing you know, your career has a life of its own and it’s carrying you away from your intended direction.

So what happened? How did your career get so off-course? When did you turn your time, on a daily basis, over to something tha
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