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How To Make Mentoring Work For You

Developing a relationship with a mentor, and becoming a mentor, is a must for successful professional development and career happiness. A mentor provides you with an avenue of learning scripted specifically in answer to professional development needs. Not only will your mentor offer positive guidance for your career, but they’ll provide a safe haven for objectifying concerns and challenges. They’re also great resources for career enhancing connections and collaborations, championing of your prog

Communication is Key for Therapy Industry Interview Success

Interview success in the therapy field requires the demonstration of a most important industry skill – communication. Whether your expertise lies in child psychology or behavioral therapy, possessing the natural ability to communicate with clients, team members, and the community, is imperative for both career and interview success. While there are foundational credentials required to excel in this industry, therapists understand that communication is the primary vehicle for establishing trust a

The Gratitude Impact: How a simple “thank you” can change everything.

A simple "Thank You" can go a long way in making someone's day. It can also do a lot for your career and your personal well-being. Taking the time to appreciate one's efforts on your behalf requires no more than a genuine "thanks" but will solidify an authentic and mutually beneficial working relationships. It also has positive impacts on your health and wellness. It changes the way your brain manages stress and even offers an emotional high that can last much longer than a cup of coffee. Thoug

10 Things To Do When You're Angry At Yourself (For Your Mistakes)

When you make a mistake, you quickly forget all the wins and praise lauded on you over the years. Make one measly mistake and it’s all you can think about. And, unfortunately, you may carry it with you for a lifetime. This is normal, but not healthy. Mistakes happen, and the wise know that that’s how you learn. Stumble and fall, and get up again—it’s the cycle of human development from toddlerhood. Still, when you make mistakes, this experiential wisdom can fly out the door. Your first reaction

Take Charge of Your Career

5 Easy Steps to Get a Stalled Career Moving Again We all have commitments: life, family and work typically take center stage for busy professional women. But as they do, career goals may get put on the back burner — or even forgotten about all together. The next thing you know, your career has a life of its own and it’s carrying you away from your intended direction. So what happened? How did your career get so off-course? When did you turn your time, on a daily basis, over to something tha

How To Go Above And Beyond At Work For Career Success

Long days, short deadlines, and never-ending workplace demands will take their toll. And with the transition to remote work this past year, no doubt you’re feeling the impact. Still, with all that’s changing in the world of work, your career success depends on whether you go above and beyond or settle with mediocrity. Let’s start with your “Why?” If you prioritize career success, you need to build career capital. This is what you exchange for the career of your dreams. For example, if you want

The new trends in interviewing | CareerBuilder

Just like fashion, new trends are always emerging for interviewing platforms. Yet, making a career transition is tough enough without focusing valuable energy on pursuing the latest bells and whistles. Though some may not be your preferred style, there will always be a “new black” that recruiters are ready to try on during an interview. The idea is not to chase the trends but be cognizant, and capable, of successfully navigating the ones that come your way. Group Interviews Somewhere along yo

10 Tips for Networking Rehabilitation

Creator and sole contributor to award-winning blog: KBM Coaching & Consulting LLC. The word “networking” can make many cringe. Somewhere along the line, this vital process in career advancement garnered a tainted reputation, a few battle scars, and an unjustifiably abused moniker. Perhaps, it stems from those who’ve misused networking to gain unfair advantages in their graceless quest to climb the corporate ladder. Or maybe networking’s a victim of word association, as it’s often paired with strong arm sales techniques. It could also be that networking is simply misunderstood
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